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In the void of empty air and space, nothing but a single breath: the own
In the light of dark and in the company of none
even the voices in the head stay calm
In the freedom of free time and the restrain of time unspent
with nothing to do
Meaning refuses to be accomplished, screaming inside
In the wakefully alert tiredness of night, alone, awake
for the bed is haunted by the spectre "Carpe Diem"
The peace mirrors a grave of the mind
:iconneal-thorvalds:Neal-Thorvalds 3 5
What is it, you ask, that drives a person.
What is it, you ask, that gives one life.
What is it, you ask, that causes joy.
Know this:
For a person is a question
        made of questions.
What is it, you ask, that this means.
What is it, you ask, that...
        but you don’t.
For your question is answered and your joy
        is abundant.
A question, you say, is the answer.
The answer, you say, is the question.
For when a person lives,
        it lives a search.
For when a person searches
        there is a reason
                to live.
And when a person finds
        an answer:
That answer is a question.
        And joy.
:iconneal-thorvalds:Neal-Thorvalds 5 3
tender words, upon empty soul
times long past, yet present still
hearts left empty, though life went on
joy and pleasure, but pain is strong:
it eats away, it comes at night
it comes and goes and then it hides
deep beneath the joys of life
in days that seem so sweet, so bright
and comes again, it comes at night
the doubt, the pain, the agonized
feeling of despair
uncertainty and fear
it comes and goes, and all that stays
is the shallow joy that sometimes
covers it all
:iconneal-thorvalds:Neal-Thorvalds 5 8
and when the words don't suffice
what do we then
and when it hurts, when we cry
who are we then
when the time moves to slow
why do we nought
when we take our final bow
what have we sought
and when life treats us well
whom do we give
and when asked, do you tell
for what you live?
:iconneal-thorvalds:Neal-Thorvalds 5 7
Fathom a world of...
Fathom a life in...
Fathom a love for...
Fathom a peace with...
Imagine an answer to questions
Imagine a question to answers
Imagine a word
to end each sentence with
Believe in a goal
Believe in an end
Believe in a value
of each action you take
:iconneal-thorvalds:Neal-Thorvalds 3 12
A long wait, like a slow train, is deeply frustrating
If once made, to still stay sane, is truly amazing
Your mind fades, and just like rain, is disintegrating
You debate, if you should stay, in this place here: waiting
:iconneal-thorvalds:Neal-Thorvalds 3 6
The sound of wind in my ears
The darkness drowning out my fears
The warm air soothing lungs and mind
The people being nice and kind
In water cold and fresh I jumped
A wine dry and smooth I drunk
In streets full of life I walked
A lot with strangers have I talked
The language out of reach to me
Just slightly, a small degree
Not understanding what’s being said
Just some words, it makes me sad
Far from home, yet home this is
As much home as I could wish
People to love and fun to have
Truly this is not at all bad
:iconneal-thorvalds:Neal-Thorvalds 4 9
Skin in it's natural glory
A lazy day
Laying in bed; everything's boring
What can I say?
Freedom to do whatever you want
Or nothing at all
Ignore society's demand
your actions may stall
Skin in it's natural glory
Half covered by sheets
Don't want to hear no stories
Just want to rest my feet
:iconneal-thorvalds:Neal-Thorvalds 7 6
what is the point if
in the end you'll go to bed
and get up next day
every day for naught
and every night a reset
life stands still, turning
people cold, estranged
alienated from them all
you live your sad life
:iconneal-thorvalds:Neal-Thorvalds 4 8
Oh folks, ye listen, to a tale I tell
A hero tragic, a story so bold
Your hearts shall pound fast, your tears shall right swell
His story is sad, but needs to be told
Oh folks, ye knoweth, his name was unknown
His parentage dark, his homeland as well
Wherever he went, he's met with a frown
A stranger to all, in every town
Oh folks, ye heareth, this fellow was fair
A beauty to behold, athletic and young
His face angelic, with eyes full of tears
For all his features, he could not be strong
Oh folks, ye laugheth, but do not judge him
'Twas not bad moral, no lack of hard work
But ev'ry contest, he just would not win
In contest of strength, to his very irk
Oh folks, ye doubteth, such man could exist
Athletic but weak? Ye cryeth, but hark!
Th'apperance' deceit, nature's so foul jest
Leaves on ev'ry man it's own cruel mark
Oh folks, ye asketh: What doth he achieve?
What is it, what tale, that needs to be told?
A hero unheard, who you claim is weak?
Beauty is one thing, but we're not yet sold!
:iconneal-thorvalds:Neal-Thorvalds 7 13
Darkly did the bright sun
lay my mind to rest
Quickly did my slow thoughts
idle towards sleep
Rolled up on the couch
The day had sped away
:iconneal-thorvalds:Neal-Thorvalds 4 8
Run like the wind
Storm past them all
Breathe in and out
Work for your goal
Push past your limit
Yell in defience
Cry in agony
Break down in sweat
Savor your success
:iconneal-thorvalds:Neal-Thorvalds 9 8
Powerful words
Or mindless rambling
Creative mind
Or destructive ranting
Sweet words in harmony
Or dissonant chaos
Artistic ecstasy
Or stupid fuss
Expression of soul
Or aggression of will
Personality caught
Or verses to fill
Kindness, humility
Or superior acting
Sweet philosophy
Or blatant bitching
Values enticing
Or stupor and hate
Art to enjoy
Or useless waste
:iconneal-thorvalds:Neal-Thorvalds 13 12
Haunted by the past I am
Seeing a ghost
Agonizing me
Denying me the sleep I seek
Angry I could get
Yet I dare not
For she who haunts my memories
Is the one I loved
And still do, I fear
Or else, would I be haunted by her?
She is gone, away from me
Since long ago
She left, I understood why
I thought I'd get over her
It felt like it
But as time passed
It only ever got worse
And when as I lay to fall asleep
A face appears behind my eyes
And as I try to think of other stuff
The memories invade
And when I feel the memories
I do not want to stop
Since as they hurt, these memories
They give back what I have lost
The best my life has shown me yet
These memories contain
And for I wish I'd have it back
I cannot help but stand the pain
:iconneal-thorvalds:Neal-Thorvalds 7 14
Go on and read
This is for you
I want you to know
That someone out there
Does really love you
Be happy and smile
You need to feel, get up
Go on, go out
Life calls you, be glad
You are alive, celebrate that
:iconneal-thorvalds:Neal-Thorvalds 11 7
Love is calling
Love is hurting
Love is leaving
Love shall return
Love is the reason
We all exist
Love makes us human
So you read this
Love is a gift
Not to be sought
Love shall find you
When it occurs
If you seek it
It might not be true
If you are desperate
It might not find you
:iconneal-thorvalds:Neal-Thorvalds 8 9


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I write.

A big thanks to WindySilver for imagining how I might look and gifting me with my profile picture.
You all know it, if you read this you are probably watching me, so you might have noticed something, or rather a lack of something, and that is uploads. Not a complete lack thereof, mind you, but a lack of consistency, a lack of the schedule I once (half a year ago) so adamantly followed.
Some of you might have read my last journal entry detailing my vacation causing my absence from this wonderful webpage, this great platform to share my humble productions. That vacation is long over, but what I feel like I left there, abroad, in sun and summer, is the motivation to consistently upload.
That does hurt me, as I had previously taken great pride in my amateurish abilities and had built a lot of self-worth on top of my artistic engagement with a world outside my head, with people other than the voices and other than the same faces I see every day.
So now, as I am realizing this fully, I cannot promise either you or myself, but I promise to try what so valiantly claimed last time I addressed you: to be back.
Having said that, pray give me your thoughts on my problematic here, if you care to.
Esteemed reader, I bid you farewell until the next time.


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Larathain Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2016
Happy birthday! May it be a day of perfect weather and joyful bliss! One you'll enjoy to often offer reminisce.
Neal-Thorvalds Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you very much :)
Larathain Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2017
You are very welcome.

So how was it? Did you do anything fun or experience anything new?
Neal-Thorvalds Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Y'know... getting older.
Bostongirl7519 Featured By Owner May 28, 2016

Words---Well said Neal.  I took a course in college, and it was the foundation of most all of our cuss words. I found that so entertaining.  Good Luck.
Neal-Thorvalds Featured By Owner May 28, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for the good luck.
Bostongirl7519 Featured By Owner May 29, 2016
Thanks For The Llama Emote Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Huggy Hug) [V2]
bornwithout Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
good words dude
Neal-Thorvalds Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
thanks dude
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